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Code of Conduct 

  1. All students studying in the institution will be guided by the code of conduct as defined by the appropriate authority from time to time. Failure to comply with any of the rules will amount to misconduct and invite penalty depending on gravity of the offence.
  2. All students are expected to follow the following rules:
    1. No student will indulge into ragging of any kind. It is a cognizable offense and invites penal action from the institute as well as government authorities.
    2. No student will indulge into misbehavior of any kind with his/her fellow students, faculty or any other staff member.
    3. No student will indulge into smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs. Possession and consumption of such intoxicants shall be taken very seriously. Besides disciplinary action by the Trust, students violating this rule may also invite prosecution by civil authorities.
    4. All the students are expected to wear formal dress; wearing of casual and shabby dress is not allowed on all working days and has to come in proper uniform on specified days.
    5. All the students will obey the instructions of the examination supervisor or any other lawful instructions given under institute statute.
    6. All the students will use institutional computing facilities or network facilities in breach of institution rules approved by Vice Chairman, on use of such facilities.
    7. All the students are required to attend regular classes and be present during any other activity organized by the Institute/Group.
    8. Students should be regular in classes and no student shall be allowed to appear in the university examinations or internal examinations unless she/he attends a minimum of 75% lectures and also submits required number of assignments. Any student remaining absent from more than 3 days without information to the department, will be dealt seriously.
    9. All students are expected to use property of the Institute very carefully and economically. Any breakage or damage of furniture, fittings, equipment, library books or any other property of the Institute shall be taken seriously and punitive action shall be taken against the offenders.
    10. No student will harass or discriminate unfairly against any person on the campus on any ground, race, caste, sex, marital status, age, family, status, belief, disability or medical condition.
    11. Use of Mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the institute building.
    12. Playing of crackers is strictly prohibited in Institute premises.
    13. Roaming around and making noise in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
    14. Utmost silence is required to be maintained in the library. Eatables, personal property, bags etc. are not allowed to be taken in the library.
  3. The institute takes a serious view of non-compliance of complaints of these codes. Any such action of the student may invite penalties like-:
    1. Detention from appearing in the semester examination or deduction from internal assessments as per rules.
    2. Suspension of all or any of the student facilities, rights and privileges including exclusion from Internal examination, any other form of assignments from use of facilities, withholding students assignments, results and prohibition or re-enrollment.
    3. Fine as imposed by the authority/ committee plus cost of damages wherever applicable.
    4. Suspension of the student enrollment for one or two semesters may be imposed.
    5. Expulsion from Institution.
  4. Where a student is found guilty of misconduct, one or more of above penalties may be imposed.

Class Room Etiquettes

  • The students are required to be very punctual. Late coming to class is not permitted. Entering the classroom after the faculty has taken his position to teach is not allowed. Students are expected to be seated in their chairs before the entry of the lecturer.
  • Decorum of the class will be maintained at all times. The teacher is much more learned and experienced than the student and the student must show utmost respect to the teacher. Misbehavior with the teacher or class fellows will be taken seriously.

Library Rules

  • Every student will be given 2 library tickets to borrow the books. Use of library can only be made after issuance of library card.
  • Books against these cards can be issued for a maximum period of seven days at a time. Renewal for another period of seven days will only be allowed if there is no demand of the book from other student.
  • Magazines and journals are not available for issue these must only be referred in the library.
  • Use of mobile phone in the library is not permitted.
  • Late return of book will invite a fine of Rs.10/- for every extra day.
  • Loss of book or damage to it, which includes defacement in any form (highlighting, underlining, making notes, tearing off of page/s etc) will invite heavy monetary fine.
  • Loss of Ticket or library card should be immediately reported. The user will be responsible for the books issued on that ticket. A duplicate reader’s ticket is issued on payment.
  • The students of last semester are not provided with library tickets in case of loss tickets.


  • As already mentioned in the University regulations, to be eligible for taking final university examination attendance of 75% in     all subjects including practical classes is compulsory. No laxity in this rule is permissible. So, you are advised to take attendance seriously.
  • Absence from class, except under emergency or sickness, which will require documentary evidence, will be treated as serious lapse. No student shall be allowed to appear in the end semester University examinations or internal examinations unless he/she attends a minimum of 75% lectures and submits required number of assignments.