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About Department

The College has an excellent Library housed in a Commodious, Modern and Air-Conditioned hall. The library is equipped with a large number of books on Education in particular and, on general subjects like General Knowledge, UGC, Competitive books and Fiction(English, Hindi, Punjabi) etc. The library has very rich collection of Rare books, Reference Books and Encyclopedias on educational research and many more, etc.

Library Deatils

Number of Titles & Volume of Library

  1. Total No. of Volumes- 3000
  2. Total No. of titles- 717
  3. Journals: 26 Journals both National and International
  4. More than 400 Online journal are available
  5. Magazine subscription- 10 Magazines
  6. Newspaper subscription- 4 Newspaper
  7. Non Book materials (CD’s, DVD etc.)

Library Rules

  • Every student will be given 2 library tickets to borrow the books. Use of library can only be made after issuance of library card.
  • Books against these cards can be issued for a maximum period of seven days at a time. Renewal for another period of seven days will only be allowed if there is no demand of the book from other student.
  • Magazines and journals are not available for issue these must only be referred in the library.
  • Use of mobile phone in the library is not permitted.
  • Late return of book will invite a fine of Rs.10/- for every extra day.
  • Loss of book or damage to it, which includes defacement in any form (highlighting, underlining, making notes, tearing off of page/s etc) will invite heavy monetary fine.
  • Loss of Ticket or library card should be immediately reported. The user will be responsible for the books issued on that ticket. A duplicate reader’s ticket is issued on payment.
  • The students of last semester are not provided with library tickets in case of loss tickets.